Clean Cut Kenny seeks to provide a convenient and enriching online retail experience that focuses on men's grooming and personal care while influencing men to make their wellness a priority. 

We foster a community for men that is built on education and camaraderie so that personal care is more accessible through products and services that support self care.


Clean Cut Kenny strives to disrupt the men’s grooming and personal care category in a way that influences men to develop, expand, and prioritize their self-care practices.

Our Story

Kenneth “Kenny” Glover was a simple man. His routines were too. A longer shower and warmer shave were luxuries. The difference between personal and self care is just that subtle. It’s whatever you do to put extra in your ordinary. 

After his passing in 2020, Jennifer Glover started Clean Cut Kenny LLC to honor him. But Jennifer also wanted to explore some “what ifs?” What if her dad had a broader variety of personal care products to use? What if he found those products because he was knowledgeable of self care? What if he experimented with those products because he was encouraged to?

Clean Cut Kenny empowers men to explore personal care products and services in a way that feels accessible. Built on values of education and camaraderie, we foster community. A community that motivates each other to invest in their self care.

Headquartered in the innovation hub of Atlanta, Georgia, we’re committed to research, testing and partnerships that push the personal care category forward. Our product categories include skin care, hair care, bath & body, and shaving. Following a marketplace model, each of our categories feature brands that are committed to consciously sourcing ingredients and supporting their local communities.